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 The Healing Power of Relationship 

The purpose of our women's group is to support, educate, empower, & build relationships. Our women's group is centered around developing healthy relationship and bridging cultures. We believe that humans in their very nature were designed to be in a relationship and in part it is in community that we find healing. 

 A Place to be Heard 

We engage and educate by discussing topics such as parenting, bi-cultural identity, financial literacy and conflict-resolution. We create a safe place for questions and to learn together. When there is trust, dignity, and choice, there is also healing. We facilitate these values in our group through recreational activities such as knitting, sharing food, going for walks, dancing and culture sharing!

 Moving from Surviving to Thriving 

There is built-in education focused on recognizing and understanding trauma. As trust is established and each woman experiences the power of community, unconditional support, and growing health in their life our hope is that they will draw from the strengths they have used to survive in the past to thrive in the future. 

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