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 The Future of Kenya is Bright! 

At Gates of Hope, we believe education is the best way to combat poverty and empower youth to become contributing members of society. Educational scholarships provide each child with the opportunity to have dignity, to have a positive influence, and to be the change from within! Support the scholarship fund that sends these kids to school and you will literally be giving them hope for a brighter future! These are the faces of Kenya's bright future! 

Grade: University
Family: Only Child. Father died in 2002 and mother died in 2005.
Village: Unknown at this time.



Janet is an only child who lost both of her parents at a very young age. She was only five-years-old when she lost her father and eight-years-old when she lost her mother. Janet lived in the custody of her grandmother until 2009 when she came to Gates of Hope. Since then, Janet has been excelling in her education and dreams of becoming a doctor someday so she can specialize in working with people who experience bone problems. Janet was born with a club foot and since she was neglected from care, is still dealing with the pain. Without knowing state-side that this was Janet’s condition, Gates of Hope only first found out about Janet’s foot in November 2012. Within two days of meeting Janet, Gates of Hope was able to raise the funds needed to fund Janet’s surgery. Now she is healthy, thriving and attending University to become a teacher

Janet Wamaitha

Peter Munene

Peter is the youngest of seven children in a family with many fathers. Peter’s parents both abused drugs and alcohol and he witnessed quite a bit of violence between them as a child. After Peter’s father left, his mother abandoned him to his grandmother’s house at the age of five. Culturally, Peter faced the stigma of being a child from a family with many fathers. He found friendship with other street boys who eventually introduced him to hard drugs. Thankfully, Peter was found by Mary and came to Gates of Hope in 2002 at the age of eight. Mary took Peter to start school and even though he was far behind, he showed such significant improvement that he began excelling through school. By the age of ten, Peter was immersed in school and even won himself a four-year paid scholarship to one of the best schools in all of Kenya (Starehe Boys School).  After graduation from high school, Peter was invited to attend law school at Riara University in Nairobi and is currently in his third year. He is doing well in school and discovering his passion for becoming a leader and educator in his community. 

Age: Born in 1998

Family: Three older sisters, four younger sisters, and one little brother. Her mother is still alive.
Village: Kabati (Central Kenyan Province- NE. of Nairobi, SW. of Mt. Kenya)



Rebecca comes from a very large family of girls with one younger brother. She comes from the small rural village of Kabati and grew up in a two-room home that the entire family lives in together. her favorite subjects are English and Math. She would like to become a doctor one day but could easily have a career in music with her gorgeous voice and unbelievable rhythm. When we asked Miriam to describe Rebecca to us, she said she is very helpful, hard-working, and respectful. We found Rebecca to be quite shy at first but always ready to have fun. She has a quiet and understated confidence that exudes from her as you talk to her and especially when she is singing or dancing. She has a big gorgeous smile and is sweet as can be. During one discussion where the girls were asking lots of questions about what school is like in America, Rebecca sat quietly leaning in toward the circle absorbing everything and listening with obvious concentrated intention. She has a knowing look in that when talking with her, Rebecca seems to understand exactly what you are saying.

Rebecca Nathambi

Pricilla Wanjiku

Grade: University
Family: One older brother, one older sister.
Village: Unknown. Grandmother is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP).


Pricilla comes from a family of three with one older brother and one older sister. Her father abandoned the family when Pricilla was very young and so she doesn’t have many memories of him. When her mother died in 1995, Pricilla went to live with grandmother, who is an IDP, up until 2011 when Pricilla came to Gates of Hope in search of a better future. She is an extremely kind and genuine person who always puts others before herself. Pricilla is also a very driven individual who will no doubt find success through her efforts.

Grade: Form 4 (12th grade)
Family: Two older brothers, one older sister (Patricia), and one younger brother (Eric). Parents are alive. Father is an associate Pastor of Gates of Hope church and Mother is the worship leader.
Village: Kabati (Central Kenyan Province- NE. of Nairobi, SW. of Mt. Kenya)

Kisolo comes from a family of three brothers and one sister with both of his parents still living. However, Kisolo’s parents cannot afford to take care of him or any of his siblings and so have given each one of them up to Gates of Hope in an effort to give them a better life through the advancement of their education. Kisolo came to Gates of Hope in 2007 with his older sister Patricia and younger brother Eric. As you can see from the photo on the right Kisolo’s right hand is deformed. This happened when Kisolo was younger and he was struck with Malaria. His case of malaria was so bad that his parents didn’t think he would live. One night as he slept close to the fire trying to stay warm, boiling water spilled over onto Kisolo’s face and right hand leaving him scarred for life. Miraculously, Kisolo survived both the burns and malaria.
Kisolo is quiet and shy at first but he loves to play and dreams of becoming the President of Kenya someday. When asked what he would do as the President, Kisolo told us that he would increase security in the villages, build better roads, and get more hospitals into rural areas. Overall Kisolo said that he would just like to have the opportunity to help needy people.

Alex Kisolo

Family: No known brothers or sisters. Abandoned by his mother. Fatherunknown.
Village: Kabati (Central Kenyan Province- NE. of Nairobi, SW. of Mt. Kenya)



Nicholas was left with his grandmother at a very young age and the existence of his mother and father are unknown. He has no known brother and sisters but has several cousins, aunts and uncles.  For instance, his Aunt Tambitha and Uncle Raphael are also both children of Gates of Hope. Nicholas is only a couple of years into school and so he does not speak any English yet. Even though we were not able to speak directly to Nicholas, it was obvious that he is a very smart little boy. When handed an iphone to take a picture, Nicholas was operating the device within minutes. He has a lot of energy and loves to play. Whether its throwing him up in the air or racing him on foot he is always ready to engage! As the youngest member currently at Gates of Hope; Nicholas is well looked after by the older boys.

Nicholas Musyoka

Jenna & Jannel

On July 17, 2012 Jenna and Jannel were born to their loving mother Janet Rita. Janet is the cousin of Japheth and was also an orphaned child herself. Before having the twins, Janet was working at a salon and living with Japheth's sister. Tragically, Janet passed the day after giving birth to Jenna and Jannel. Since the father was not in the picture, Japheth's sister decided to take care of the twins as though they were her own. Soon after, Japheth's sister lost her job making it extremely difficult to provide for the girls. Since March however, Jake & Erica Proffitt, have been sponsoring these two beautiful girls to help make sure they are receiving basic needs such as food and diapers. This extra support has made a huge difference and has allowed the girls to stay with family where they can continue to be loved and cared for. Our hope is to support and see these girls into a life full of opportunity. 

Age: Born in October 2004

Family: Three older brothers (John, Onesmus, Kisolo), one older sister (Patricia). Parents are alive. Father is an associate Pastor of Gates of Hope church and Mother is the worship leader.
Village: Kabati (Central Kenyan Province- NE. of Nairobi, SW. of Mt. Kenya)


Eric is the youngest of five children. He has three older brothers and one older sister with both of his parents still living. However, Eric’s parents cannot afford to take care of him or any of his siblings and so have given each one of them up to Gates of Hope in an effort to give them a better life through the advancement of their education. Eric came to Gates of Hope in 2007 with his older sister Patricia and older brother Kisolo. Eric is very quiet and shy but is learning a lot from the older boys at Gates of Hope. He especially enjoys learning how to take care of the chickens and helping to take care of the cow. Eric stated that he loves to learn English and read; his favorite color is blue and favorite sport is futbol. When asked, he stated that Eliud looks after him and Nicholas is his best friend. Eric also expressed that he misses his mother when he is away from her but is thankful for his opportunity for an education. Eric hopes to become a pilot someday and would like to fly to America and Australia to visit his new friends Joel & Deborah, Mike, and his sponsor Lana.


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