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 The Future of Kenya is Bright! 

Education is one of the best ways to combat systemic poverty and equip youth to become contributing members of society. Our educational scholarships include full tuition to boarding school and university until they graduate. More than just academic access these scholarships also provide each young person dignity, a future to hope upon, and an opportunity to become the change from within!


Additionally, our scholarships provide a community for many of the students in a way they would otherwise never have. Many of our students do not come from traditional home life so our gatherings offer wonderful connections, mentorship, support, and fun for all who are a part. 


When you support the scholarship fund that sends these kids to school, you are literally giving them hope for a brighter future! Watch Peter's video below to see one example of this hope.

Peter's Story of Hope

Peter's Story of Hope

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We partner with 13individuals by providing academic scholarships until they are through University. They are the future of Kenya. Watch the video and you'll understand.



The Next Generation is equipped and ready to lead us into the future!

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