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"Transformed people, transform people."

- Richard Rohr

We love what we do, and what we do best is love people. We believe that every person was made for love and by love. It is the truest thing about us all. Our work is to remind others of their true identity. We believe every person has the right to health, to education, and to dignity. Ultimately, we are a community development organization that focuses on building the individual through meaningful relationship and strategic service. We build the people; they build the community. 



We believe education is the most powerful tool to combat poverty and provide a future of hope.


We must have healthy individuals to have healthy community. We focus on building and guiding the individual so that they can be the change that is needed.


It is in community we finally heal as one. Individual healing should always lead us to corporate healing. Once we can embrace ourselves we can finally embrace each other. 

 What We Do 

 What We Do 

We grant educational scholarships, we run sports programs to teach and model leadership, we use dance and music to facilitate healing. We help individuals combat physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty through a strengths-based approach. We strategize with community partners to support those in need. We facilitate a myriad of training to schools, organizations, churches, and groups about empowering individuals and building communities.

Through educational & recreational scholarships we give hope

Healing through bi-lateral movement

Teaching leadership and teamwork through sports 

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