We proudly partner with The Akili Girls School who is making an astounding impact on its community as it provides education to its youth, and jobs for its residents. Through their sustainability-model, they have been able to hire farm hands, teachers, ground keepers and administrators all from within. By developing their community from the inside-out, with quality education as their cornerstone, the Akili Girls school is transforming lives and sustainably developing communities. Below are the different ways we partner with them. 



We partner with students by providing academic scholarships so that they may have access to education! 

teacher Salaries

We provide grants for teacher salaries in order to stabilize and grow the school.



Ultimately, the school has plans to be completely sustainable, so we have strategically partnered on a number of ongoing projects that are a part of Akili's Sustainability Plan in order to make that happen!

Gates of Hope

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