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Joel Ryman
Director of Development

Joel embodies the heart of Gates of Hope. He is all about building relationships and empowering individuals to reach their potential. At Gates of Hope, Joel is the point-man for all program development, networking, and fundraising endeavors. He is always looking for new ways to use Gates of Hope as a vehicle to empower and give hope to those in need!

Deborah manages all administration duties for Gates of Hope. She is in charge of finances, organizing projects, strategic planning, supervising interns, grant writing, and facilitating communication between all team members.  

Deborah Ryman
Director of Operations



Japheth Opondo
Director of Operations


Born and raised in one of the largest slums in the world (Kibera, Kenya), Japheth is a true story of hope and an amazing inspiration to both our kids and our team. By trade, Japheth is a graphic designer and puts his organizational skills to use by managing all operational aspects of our work in Kenya and reporting on the progress of business projects and the lives of our kids. 

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