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Community development for us is less about cultivating programs and more about cultivating people. Each of our communities is wonderfully different with varying needs and strengths. Our goal is to catalyze change from within. Fueled with compassion, we bring strategy to three core areas: Identity, Education, and Community.



To have a healthy community, we must have healthy individuals! We help others discover who they are by speaking to their identity.


When we set our intention to know and be with one another, rather than to help or fix each other, we start to build a real relationship.


By seeing the person first instead of the label or behavior, we encounter compassion. 


We learn about each other's passions and gifts and what we have to offer the world.


We also learn about one another's struggles and where we need to be reminded about who we are and how we can live out of our true self!



Education is pivotal when combatting poverty on any level. We use education in a myriad of ways to holistically build community. 

Whether with individuals or in classrooms, non-profits, or churches, we educate on non-violence, conflict resolution, cultural awareness, and the impacts of trauma. We partner with and support education initiatives within the community.

Ultimately,  we are teaching how to love our neighbors, as we lean on our experience and embrace the rich perspective of others. 



Understanding that culture shapes us as much as we shape it, we look to empower individuals so that they can strengthen the whole.


Here are some of the ways we strengthen community:

we facilitate women's groups that break down barriers and build relationships, we train youth in sports, leadership, and service, and we run academies that equip young people to be who they were made to be! 


It is in community that we finally heal as one. Independent healing should always lead us to corporate healing. Once we can embrace ourselves we can finally embrace each other. 

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