Giving Hope to the Next Generation 

Our primary vehicle of community development is through relationship At Gates of Hope our intention is set first on understanding those we are building community with! What are the interests, desires, strengths and needs of the community? We design our time around what is going to be most meaningful and best facilitate healthy relationship.  For us it is less about cultivating programs and more about cultivating people. We bring strategy to three core areas: speak life to identity, provide education to equip and empower, and use diversity and difference to strengthen community. Every community plan developed will incorporate  Building authentic relationship even through our differences. Currently, in Boise we have 3 active communities:



We partner with students by providing academic scholarships so that they may have access to education! 



We provide grants for teacher salaries in order to stabilize and grow the school.



Ultimately, the school has plans to be completely sustainable, so we have strategically partnered on a number of ongoing projects that are a part of Akili's Sustainability Plan in order to make that happen!



Our girls stand upon four core values: Love, Health, Beauty, and Strength. We learn about these values as we engage in various sports, dance, movie nights and much more! This is a community of mighty young women who are learning who they are, and how they can change the world! United by their differences this group is changing the landscape in their cultures of what it means to be a young woman!


 A Community of Laughter, Celebration and Hope! 

Davis Park is a small but important apartment complex located in West Downtown, Boise. With lower income residents and many who have come as refugees, Davis Park is rich with perspective and culture! This vibrant community is full of people who have lived through, or are continuing to live in the struggle of life and are marked by a playfulness that is contagious! It has been our goal to activate members in the surrounding community to show up and engage in this playfulness! Each week a group of neighbors and friends come to spend time and know each other. Learning from one another, honoring each other and building friendships define much of the time!



Traditionally, Latah Village has been home to one of the largest and most diverse populations in all of Boise. This apartment complex located on the Boise Bench, is home to both locals and people who have come from all around the world. It takes but a moment to see, hear, and smell the diversity of language, custom, and food! This richness of difference offers an amazing opportunity to set the standard for the rest of the city to show what diverse unity can look like! Of course, there are barriers to unity such as language, economic needs, trauma backgrounds and fear. This is why we have partnered with local neighbors in and around Latah Village to co-create a dynamic new reality of living together and seeing our differences as our strength!

Gates of Hope

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