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We see communities all over the world healed and whole, knit together by love, truth, and kindness.

Strengthened by compassion we see families, neighborhoods, schools, and cities united.

We see hope filling the lives of people in despair as they are seen, heard, and known. 

Through creative and collaborative problem-solving we see poverty finally eradicated. 

We see peace as a way of speaking, thinking, and being, a legacy that is passed from person to person, generation to generation.


Giving hope by providing the tools for sustainable growth to individuals and communities.

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HUMILITY: Is the bridge that leads us to authentic relationship. It is what keeps our hearts, minds, and bodies open to one another in hospitality. Humility allows us to honor, hope, educate, heal, and enter into community with each other.


honor: We honor the place, culture, and story of every person. It is the way we catalyze dignity in ourselves and others.

HOPE: Is Love attuned. It is the enduring quality that lifts our eyes to the horizon and leads us to redemption. Hope gives us tragic stories redeemed by Love that transcends circumstances and systems. Hope is the fuel and belief that keeps us on the narrow path. 

Health:Of mind, spirit, & body is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty. Health is the presence of dignity and strategy, and the first step towards generosity (you can’t give away what you don't have).


Education: Is an act of war on physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty. It is power deployed into the minds of people who have the right to hope for a brighter future.

Community: We heal in community as we learn the diverse ecosystem of love. It is here that we celebrate, grieve, draw strength, receive comfort and correction, become inspired, and learn to desire. It is better to enjoy a sunset with a friend. 

Peace: Is not merely the absence of conflict but the presence of mercy and justice. It is the path we choose to walk with a non-violent stride toward the places of conflict. Peace is more than a feeling, it is an inheritance, a strategy, and our way of interacting with the world around us.

PRAYER:Is our truest act of love. It is our confession (telling the truth), that we do not have all the answers, and are not the saviors, but that we hold faith in a love that changes everything. Prayer is both our engagement and our detachment. It is how stay connected to God and each other. 

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