We see communities all over the world knit together by love and selflessness.

Strengthened by compassion we see families, neighborhoods, schools, and cities standing united.

We see hope filling the lives of people in despair as they are seen, heard, and known. 

We see poverty eradicated by creative and collaborative problem-solving. 

We see peace as a way of speaking, thinking, and being. It is a legacy that is passed from person to person, generation to generation.


Giving hope by providing the tools for sustainable growth to individuals and communities.


Education: We believe education breaks the cycle of poverty and we support every person's right to it!


Love: The inspiration behind all our work is the love of Jesus Christ. We love because He loved. Overflowing with his love we are compelled to act.


Health: We support individuals and communities to strive for health physically, emotionally, & spiritually.


Community: We believe we were created to be in relationship and that we are at our best when we are living in a vibrant, healthy, loving community.