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What is a Core Donor? 

When you become a Core Donor you are directing your dollar to the administrative side of things. Traditionally non-profits are considered trustworthy and successful when they achieve low overhead allowing the majority or entirety of the donated dollar to go directly to the cause. At Gates of Hope we have achieved this but have been limited in our reach as a result. Our vision is to come alongside the most vulnerable, not just in one neighborhood but all around the world. We want to bring them hope by creating relationships and providing resources. Currently our reach is effective but small in size and scope. Our vision is to expand it!


In order to accomplish this we need people who are committed to donating to our overhead costs, namely employee salaries, as well as the various cost associated with starting up new projects. Without Core Donors we are limited in what we can accomplish since we need to have the funds to pay the people to do the work and run the projects! If you are interested in becoming a Core Donor who helps allow us to continue our work but at a greater level, click the Core Donor button below and indicate that you would like to be a Core Donor as you make your donation. 

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