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Annual Report

2021 - 2022

Gates of Hope is a not-for-profit organization that empowers individuals and develops communities. We build the individual, they build the community.

Director's Reflection

As I reflect on the relationships and work of the past two years I am aware that I am not the same person I was two years ago. I have changed. Time will do that but so will people. When your "work" is to serve the "least of these," be it students in Kenya or refugees in Boise, you eventually realize that their "work" is to heal you, and over time it changes you. It's upside down and totally Jesus. I have been changed from a savior into a friend, from an expert into a novice, from a leader to a follower, and from a teacher to a learner. It hasn't necessarily been fun, but oh my, it has been life changing. Our friends inspire and humble us every day. I am different today than I was two years ago, and I have them to thank. The work is becoming mutual and is bringing us into the slow work of transformation. 

Joel Ryman

Director of Development



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Our Mission

Giving hope by providing the tools for health and healing to individuals and communities.


Our Vision

We see people filled with hope, living from their God-given identities healed and whole, known in community, and creatively solving our world's biggest problems. 


Over the past two years, we have had graduations, childbirths, gatherings, grants, and stories that excite and give hope. 

We continue to be amazed by the work of Akili Girls School and we are proud partners. They are truly changing the landscape of education in impoverished areas.


Against all the odds, we have seen two former students graduate and give birth to their first children! Additionally, these babies are born to mothers with university degrees, raising the education ceiling for them and future generations. 


There have been stories of triumph and loss. The human experience has been on full display in Kenya for the past two years . . . And yet, there is an undeniable sense that "Aslan is on the move," breathing on stone statues and making them come to life! Dreams that were given up have been lived out, and spring is just around the corner!




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"We are delighted to share with you how your donation has made an impact on our organization. It is incredible that with your support, we have been able to provide 45 High School girls with scholarships for this first quarter through payment of their school fees, giving them full school uniforms, menstrual hygiene supplies, and undergarments. This has really helped these students who were in need to continue their education with dignity and pride and also have the urge to learn and succeed. They wouldn’t have been able to afford quality education otherwise.

In April during the 2 week school break, we hosted the girls for a one-day retreat aimed at guiding them to focus their time and resources efficiently through career guidance on goal setting. Our teachers and volunteers helped them in planning their studies while at school by developing good study skills and habits. The event also provided the girls with a safe and supportive environment where they could express themselves, ask questions, and learn from each other. Our staff further evaluated their academic reports to find out some of the challenges the students are experiencing and give them motivation on what best they can do to not only perfect their performance but also always thrive in whatever they do to succeed both at school and in life.

We continue to be grateful for the unrestricted funds that allow us the flexibility to deliver on our mission by meeting our operational costs and paying monthly salaries to our staff members who are critical in ensuring program success. Your donation ensures our organization runs smoothly and empowers us to continue working towards our mission. We want you to know that we take stewardship of your generous gift seriously because it has made a great difference to our organization."


David Omondi

Director of the Akili Girls School


Over the past two years, we have continued to fund 11 individual students. Their ages range from grade 5 to the university level. Most of them have had the support of Gates of Hope for the majority of their schooling. In 2021 & 2022, we saw the graduation of four of our students from university! This is an incredible accomplishment and the fruit of many years of labor. 

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The last two years could be described in two words: consistent and unexpected. 

We have consistently shown up in the neighborhood, providing relational mentorship, academic support, and recreational activities for youth.

Elsewhere, we have unexpectedly become housing advocates for refugees stuck in hotels. This has looked like spearheading an effort called House-Your-Neighbor to communicate the crisis and solutions to civic groups, churches, city councils, and more. 

Additionally, opportunities to provide cultural training within the school district, police department, and NGOs were presented. Hundreds of individuals have now gone through a multitude of training to better equip their staff to understand and welcome new refugee arrivals. 




Davis Park is a vibrant community of diverse people in the heart of Boise. We have partnered and built relationships with the people of this community for over 8 years now. Our work has been primarily with the youth building relationships, taking them on adventures, developing emotional intelligence, and helping them discover who they are. These past years, led us into many meaningful conversations, countless games played, numerous races run, walls climbed, trampolines jumped up, hugs given, and goals scored! Walking alongside these kids is life-changing and the greatest honor. 


House Your Neighbor is an initiative that sprung forth as a response to the Afghanistan crisis of August 2021. Boise saw hundreds of Afghan arrivals but with no place for them to live. Many of them stayed in hotels for over a year. This initiative over the last few years has evolved to encompass all refugee arrivals. It has looked like organic conversations to formal presentations with agencies, churches, neighbors, friends, developers, groups, and the city council. Our effort is three-fold: to raise awareness for the need for housing for refugees; present tangible solutions; and build the community network. Ultimately, it is our effort to answer the biblical mandate of welcoming the foreigner among you.

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A unique and powerful training has been developed and led by a coalition of people who have a heart to see teachers, counselors, officers, and administrators understand our new neighbors and how best to come alongside of them. These trainings outline the refugee journey and include personal stories, education on trauma, and how to create safe classrooms. Hundreds of leaders in our community are now better equipped to understand and engage our new community members.



Kenyan Scholars

Expenses: $32,005.00

Donations: $8,995.00

Boise Youth

Expenses: $838.79

Donations: $1,425.00


Expenses: $4,379.13

Donations: $6,032.94


Expenses: $41,838.06

Donations: $46,128.00

2021 Totals

Expenses: $79,060.98

Donations: $62,580.94


Kenyan Scholars

Expense: $19,200.00

Donations: $9,317.00

Boise Youth

Expense: $1,363.24

Donations: $1,500.00


Expense: $300

Donations: $70


Expense: $34,758.88

Donations: $51,854.33

2022 Totals

Expense: $55,622.12

Donations: $62,741.33


Elizabeth & Nathan Thompson

River House Ministeries 

Adam & Celena Shildmyer

Jake & Erica Proffitt

Boyce & Mary Bailey

Aaron & Joy Holsinger

Rick & Barb Irish

Leigh Anna Scheuerman

Living Water Foundation

Kenny & Hailey Ortega

Adam & Becky Alexander

Ty & Becky Nelson

Tyler & Macey Crow

Tippy & Danielle Burke

Rachel Sonnenberg

Dan & Kara Dean

Greg & Denice Kester

Tyson & Makenzie Berg

Jake & Katie Garcin

Hodges & Jamie Bailey

Kara & Ethan Cervantes


Erika & Jared Ostyn

Sam & Jesse Horney

Joel & Deborah Ryman

Michael Proffitt

Lana Turner

Danika Langley

Delores BaileyStarlyn Munson

Todd Tappert

Shayna Smith

Daniel Finney

Matt Lowe

Catherine DeChellis

Blake Miller

Jerry Lopez

Roy Family

Verdi Wealth Management

Dillabaugh's Flooring

TitleOne Co

Yoga For Good


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